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This series began after reading “The Forest Unseen “ by David George Haskell.....

“Two Tibetan monks lean over a table cradling brass funnels in their hands. Coloured sand spills out of the funnels onto the table adding another line to the growing mandala.


The mandala will take several days to complete, then it will be swept up and its jumbled sands cast into the water.


The mandala has significance on many levels: the concentration required for its creation, the balance of its complexity and coherence ... and its impermanence. The whole universe is seen through a circle of sand.....

I believe that the forest’s ecological stories are all present in a mandala sized area. The truth of the forest may be more clearly revealed by the contemplation of a small area than it could be by donning ten league boots, covering a continent but uncovering little”


David George Haskell.

A couple of years ago I began drawing small areas of forest floor contained in a circle.These images are drawn  with pen in water-soluble ink. One day they will wash off the page easily, and disappear. 

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